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Associate Member

Following categories of organization qualify to become Associate Members
(Associate members enjoy all benefits but are not entitled to vote at any meeting of the association)

Regular Member

Any firm, society, company or division thereof registered or incorporated in India and conducting business in Nutraceuticals, Dietary and Health Supplements and Alternative Medicine with annual revenue exceeding Rs 1 crore is eligible to apply for Regular membership.
These include:
Complete your membership by uploading the requested documents.

    AHNMI’s prime role is to empower its members with value-added services that will facilitate business and trade in Herbal Extracts and Nutraceutical Industry and create an ecosystem that promotes growth and profitability.​

    Platform for enabling business networking through various forums and activities

    Participation in industry events - seminars and conferences, both in India and internationally and meetings with customer and country delegations

    Access to world-class research and market intelligence services from leading analysts and think tanks and consultants.

    Access to knowledge of global business practices (import policies, taxation, legislation, health care and health supplements policies, and branding)​

    Contribution in development of global standards and thought leadership in areas of Nutraceuticals and Health Supplements

    For any queries, write to [email protected]